Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff

Dennis Ross

Owner   President

Station Manager

Billy D

Program Director      Website Developer

Music Director          Branding Manager

Nelson Gomez


Founding General Mngr

Rebecca Kingsley

Jazzy K2


K2 hosts "Jazz Brunch", which airs every Sunday morning at 11am on 107.9FM and, Portland's Downtown Groove. Her expertise brings exuberance to JZP's programming through K2's super interpretive, narrative breakdowns of classic recordings from the swing, bop and cool eras of jazz.

Jazzy K2 started listening to Billie Holiday and Al Jarreau which she was 9 years old.  These two artists cemented her love of jazz above all other music genres.

Jazzy K2 lived on Munjoy Hill before it was cool to live there.  She loves to volunteer to "pay it forward" by snow shoveling for the elderly, helping her neighbors with gardening, and provides affordable housing by maintaining her own property.

Susan Mazel

Voiceover Artist

Melanie Bolduc

Vine Time