Become A

How To

Station Volunteer


 107.9 FM & WJZP.ORG

Portland's Downtown Groove

wjzp is a non profit, commerical free, community based radio station remotely run by a staff of volunteers

hosted shows are prerecorded and submitted to owner and chief of operations Dennis Ross, who will determine your eligibility status

on air hosts at wjzp will have previous radio experience and an education and/or concrete understanding of  broadcast communications.


 all station volunteers will always exhibit strong and consistent reliability and professionalism at all times


Your show must fit wjzp's format, which is  album oriented, r&b rooted and jazz based  with roots in gospel and reggae music


you have basic recording, editing, announcing and producing skills


you must be a self starter and able to record from home


also, you must have the time, ability, and dedication to deliver you show based on an agreed upon schedule

how to volunteer

send an email with subject to wjzp1079@gmail dot com or call (207)774-3178, tell us


you radio and/or music background


what artists/themes/genres your show would cover


you desired weekly or monthly schedule


and any additional details you wish to disclose, if you have a sample of your work please submit it